Friday, December 23, 2011

Days 12-14

Arghh I am losing track of days - they are flying by so fast we are just about stuffed. lol.
OK lets continue

DAY 12 - Wednesday 24/12
We were delighted to receive a phone call from our local Woolworths to find our 5year old had won a prize in the Christmas Colouring in comp.  We had been trying to prepare her for the fact that "just because you colour it in and hand it in doesn't mean you will win" No I wasn't being negative just trying to teach her a fact of life rather than her have her hopes crash too much when she didn't,  her attitude was "I am going to accept my prize like this " *arms outspread*  - I should learn to take a leaf out of her book as her positive energy and talent obviously came through for this one. Well done my precious girl, you did so very well.

DAY 13 - Thursday 22nd

This one is actually from a shoot I did on Thursday. I have to say - it nearly didn't happen, I wasn't too nervous about the weather until I got a call from Kim who had arranged the shoot months ago. I got one photo at our arranged location in the cyclonic wind before the heavens opened and it poured *sigh*
So we headed to the house Kim's brother was renting for the holiday's in Innes Park  - much to my relief it stopped raining enough for us to get some wonderful photos - here are  just a couple.

DAY 14 Friday 23rd December
~Our Son~
He is super cute, cheeky as anything - really knows the one liners that leave you laughing in the middle of lecturing him and loves to pose. Lately though he has taken to living in his jocks/underwear and gumboots - and sometimes a shirt when I ask him to. lol. So these photos are for him - when he turns 21 he is going to LOVE that I took them. hehehe.
Oh and the close up was from his demand "close to my face mum"

Bri xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Days 7-11

OK - I think I will admit I have not only missed posting, but I have not taken photos on Sunday or Monday - for no other reason, but there really wasn't anything - well there was, but I didn't have my camera *note to self, have camera with me at all times*

DAY  7- Fri. 16th Dec.
This year we splurged - big time on xmas. We bought the kids a fort and mainly because our kids have a lot of toys and they don't need any more, but also because they love playing outside and since we got rid of our old swingset before we moved they really haven't had anything to play with outside and I am avoiding buying a trampoline at the moment too.  So we bought this beautiful boat with cubby. It has a sandbox, but will not have sand in it due to us renting, but we will add a ship's wheel and seat so that it will convert into a wheelhouse. I can see much joy being had with this purchase.

DAY 8: Saturday 17th Dec.
So I went along to support our local Surf Lifesaving Club at their Ham Wheel - I have never been to a "ham wheel" but it is the same as a "chocolate wheel" only HAMS! I didn't win a ham sadly - I was excited at the thought of winning a ham, but I won a better prize which made it all worthwhile.
I won one of the major prizes!!!  It has a Marie Claire cook book, 2 children' s tickets to Alma Park Zoo, a voucher to a local sports club and a gift card also for one of the shopping centres!

DAY 11: Tues 20th Dec.
My little girl is having a friend over for a sleepover for the very first time - milestones don't just finish when they start walking or get their final tooth - it just starts more chapters. This last week there have been 2! - first lost tooth and sleep over. So of course photos had to be taken and some silly ones too.  They were a bit excited tonight, but they crashed about 10pm - so I think that's doing well!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

DAY 6 - sleeping over!

Ok seeing as though my kid's are still a bit young for sleepovers at friend's places, they have been pestering us to let Charlie sleep on Hayley's bedroom that it's holidays and no alarms to wake to in the morning - I have allowed it. Last night was the first night and was nearly not going to happen with the "Hayley keeps waking me up!" and "Charlie won't stop annoying me" *sigh* . They did eventually go to sleep and gave me an opportunity to capture them sleeping. The most silent time of the day and the most peaceful, but sometimes too quiet.

DAY 5 - First lost tooth!

Sorry - I really should be blogging every day, but I have been flat out with invitations and kids the last couple of days that I haven't been getting to bed til 1am and I simply haven't had the energy to blog by the time I finish.
 Better late than never hey. My little Miss has had a loose tooth for what I think is now 6-7weeks......longest loose tooth in history- loose for so long the next tooth was coming through behind it - oh dear! Last week I rang the dentist as I was concerned about the long term damage than may have been done to the new tooth and basically we just needed to get the baby tooth out ASAP and the new tooth coming through should correct itself -I hope so. So in the end it was a bribe for ice cream that convinced her to finally pull the thing out - wish I had done this a couple of weeks ago. So here are the photos for Day 5.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DAY 4 - Christmas Cooking

I don't know about what anyone else does, but we cannot start xmas holidays without some xmas cooking - so today we made some Choc. Ripple Jaffa balls and some Rocky Road.
I am terrible when it comes to including the kids in a lot of cooking -I really can be impatient, have a big thing about hygiene with food prep and I don't like the mess of it - I am not a baker at the best of times, so when I do make things I usually do it at night. But I do feel terrible about it - so today the kids got to 'help' - however when it came to rolling the balls -I ended up asking them to let me do it - as I could just see that they would of ended up with fingers in mouths....after some begging and pleading, I did let Hayley do a few towards the end - I know it's taking the fun out of it - but seriously do you wan to be eating something knowing that kid's saliva and germs are all the way through it??
I am a bit strict when it comes to washing hands - if they lick their fingers - they have to go wash their hands before they come back and help. OCD much? maybe, but you won't mind trying my food knowing that.

 Yum yum - and so it brings me to the last photo - this is my son's latest favourite outfit - gumboots (very suited to the rain lately), undies and t'shirt. lol - must have photo for the 21st album I think.

I have had someone ask what I wish to achieve out of this - being on my business blog - well I hope for one thing is shows some consistency, some personal stuff from me - I am just a mum doing mummy things and can capture all the little things.

Monday, December 12, 2011

DAY 3 - nearly a no show.

Bit of a dud day-  POTD wise, mainly due to disorganisation on my part so it nearly didn't happen. Our son has Kindy on Mondays and Wednesdays so it was just myself and Miss 5 today. She had earnt a McDonalds meal from her swimming lessons - so that was redeemed for her lunch today, we have booked her birthday party at the local leisure centre with her friends, so I paid the deposit today......and she finally finished her colouring in for the Woolworth's Xmas Colouring comp. so this brings us to the POTD - her proudly showing off her entry - and she is anticipating that the phone will ring here on friday morning telling us that she has won  a me a negative mother, but I am trying to prepare her for the fact that she may not get that phone call because not every competition you enter will see you as a winner - fact of life. Although I would dearly love to see her win a prize for the amount of effort she has put into it. So I had plenty of opportunities, but instead took a very quick shot (on my phone). Still a photo though - so although a bit of a cheat, I still succeeded in posting a photo - right?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

DAY 2 - Rain, Rain, Rain.

We have needed rain for a while - November was very dry and the local parks and my yard for that matter were all looking a little brown. We got a good soak last week and I had hoped that this weekend would stay fine as I had another location shoot booked in, and alas! it stormed 15mins before the scheduled shoot and it poured rain. So rained out again! So it goes without saying today POTD is of rain! I did take some photos of hubby and the kid's watching movies, but won't be able to post them today. Please check out my rain photos below from  clouds moving in to droplets on a leaf. There is something quite serene about water.